Forever Snack Bags

Forever Snack Bags$5 each or 4 for $18.

Choose a set below or pick your own fabrics from the Create Your Own page. Simply send an e-mail with your choices to Being green is easy & stylish, too!

Forever Bags are great for holding food but have you considered using them as a purse, bag & car organizer, make-up bag, mints & gum bag, coin purse, crayons on the go, toiletries & travel organizer.

You can carry dog treats & clean-up bags for your walks, group little hiking and camping items together, store your electronics cords, batteries and media cards. The ideas and uses are endless.

Thank you for every effort you make to reduce and eliminate single use products.

* Snack Bag Set of 4 *Choose Your Own Fabrics!$18.00
* Snack Bag Single *Snack Bag Single$5.00
Bowling TimeBowling Time Snack BagsBowling Time$18.00
Cowboy JoyCowboy Joy with DenimCowboy Joy$18.00
Dump TrucksDump Trucks Snack BagsDump Trucks$18.00
Happy ChefHappy Chef Snack BagsHappy Chef$18.00
KeysKeys Snack BagsKeys$18.00
Modern GirlModern Girl Snack BagsModern Girl$18.00
Rock & RollRock & Roll Snack BagsRock & Roll$18.00
States & Capitals States & Capitals Snack BagsStates & Capitals $18.00